How to secure your CCTV camera from theft?

With the advancement of technologies, you can avail a plethora of camera models to provide safety and security to your home or business. CCTV security cameras are one of the best surveillance cameras that can yield more benefits to you.

CCTV Integrator In DubaiYou tend to use the CCTV cameras for surveillance purpose in various places. Do you think about the security of those CCTV cameras at once? Many people will consider only their safety and not about the one which provides the security to them.

You must protect your CCTV camera from theft only then you can reap the security benefit from it. Read this article to know the safety measures that you want to take for protecting the camera from stolen.

Safety Measures to Protect the CCTV Camera from Theft

Place your CCTV camera at a high place

While installing the CCTV camera in your home or office and other places you must decide the position before. The best way to protect the camera is to fix the camera at a certain height so that they cannot be attacked or stolen by the thieves.

It is difficult to climb such a height position and it will be noticed if anyone near the camera. Also, they cannot be broken with a stone or other hard material. This is the easiest method to keep the security camera safer from criminals.

Make use of Vandal Proof Security Camera

Vandalism is an activity in which the offenders attack the body of the CCTV camera with some intention. These activities include theft, breaking the camera, dismantling the camera or spraying paint on the viewpoint. The outdoor cameras are getting affected with vandalism than indoor cameras as they are placed in an open place.

Nowadays, many cameras come with protective coverings such as metal casing and housings to fix the camera within them. The vandal-proof casing looks like cages which protect the camera from vandals towards it.

Housings are one of the vandal-proof casings that are made from durable plastic whereas the metal casing produced in steel. They have some gaps in it through which the camera can record the videos for you.

When you place the camera within any of these mounts and firmly fixed it in a wall it prevents the camera from damage due to maltreatment or vandalism.

While purchasing the camera spend some money on safety casings to protect the camera from vandalism. So you can save your investment and the camera from loss.

Hide your security camera

Hiding camera from public view is the easiest way to protect your cameras from being stolen. Some surveillance experts recommend having cameras at multiple locations, one in the front view and others at a hidden place.

This is because they help you to find the thieves when they are damaging the camera at first place. Another method is to use the dummy CCTV camera at the main place and you can hide the original camera in another area. So you can protect your original security camera from vandalism.

For hiding the CCTV camera you can follow these tips

  • You can look for the mini camera to hide them in a position instead of a large camera
  • It is better to buy the wireless camera to hide it completely from the view
  • Hide the camera under any mounts like eaves or under ceilings
  • Hide the security camera near glass door windows
  • You can fix the security camera near trees or bushes

You may know the most of the thieves enter a home or office through the main door, back door, window, and garages. So you need to hide the CCTV security camera nearer to these spots.

The security cameras are incorporated with advanced features like night vision and motion detection. If you buy this advanced camera they will send an alert to you when there are any suspicious activities.

Team up with your neighbors

The final safety measure to protect the CCTV security camera is by making the team with your neighbors. This will be an effective method when each of your neighbors places the CCTV camera in such a way to cover nearby places also.

So, it is possible to find the vandalism easily and it also distracts the criminals to look for the camera that is installed in a neighboring place.

Make an investment on the CCTV camera

Installing a security system in home or office is a great investment to provide the security for your loved one and protect other valuables.

In addition to this, you can invest some money in protecting the CCTV camera from being stolen. This money gives you hand in case of any damage to the CCTV camera due to vandalism.

Thus, these are the best ways to secure the CCTV camera from theft. Obviously, these methods will help you greatly to protect the security camera from theft and can save money on it.