RG59 COAXIAL with Power Cable - 100 mtr


  • Coaxial Cable RG59 20AWG Bare copper
  • Solid with Power
  • 300M Wooden Drum Packing
  • 100 mtr


  • RG59 20AWG Solid Bare copper Conductor
  • Unshielded 18AWG Stranded Power Cables
  • 20AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductor For Optimal Signal Transmission
  • 300M Wooden Drum Packing


  • CCTV
  • Video
  • Premise Wiring
  • Security


Technical Data

Rated Temperature                          -20~75℃
Rated Voltage                                  30V

Conductor BC 100% Conductivity
Material Copper
Insulation Foam PE
FPE Dielectric Diameter 3.66mm
 Maximum Eccentricity  ≤10%
Minimum Resistance 10000MΩxKM
Braid Shield 16x7x0.12CCA Wire
Jacket PVC
Jacket Diameter: 5.5mm
Color Black
Power Cable
CCA 2X16x0.18mm
PE 1.75mm(Red&White)
Jacket Diameter 4.9mm
Jacket Color Black
Marking Mercon RG59 WITH POWER CABLE 1M-300M
300M/Wooden Drum

Electrical Characteristics
Dielectric Strength (kV/min) 1.0
Impedence (±3.0ohms) 75.0
SRL (dB,5~2200MHz) >=20
Capacitance (pF/m) 53.1
Conductor DCR@ 20ºC (ohms/km) <=31.9
Transmission characteristics
Frequency Attenuation(MHz) (dB/100m)
1 1.15
50 5.71
100 8.20
200 11.61
400 16.73
700 22.15
1000 28.87


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Buy RG59 COAXIAL with Power Cable – 100 mtr in Dubai

When it comes down to buying coaxial cables for television sets or CCTV installations, most people tend to ignore the minute details and specifications of the cables. But these cables are the channels that transmit the signal which runs the system. Therefore, it is necessary to consider their specifications as well.

If you’re considering to buy a coaxial cable for small scale or daily usages such as for new video systems or CCTV security systems, then the Mercon RG59 cable is the best option for you. Here’s how:


Solid with power, the Mercon Buy RG59 COAXIAL with Power Cable – 100 mtr in Dubai comes with a bare copper core and 300M wooden drum packing making it easier to ship and deliver. The bare copper conductor proves to be a good medium for transmitting signals, thus offering optimum transmission for the system. The cable also comes with unshielded 18AWG stranded power cables.

The length of the cable, which is 100 meters also pushes off your fears of lack of length, making it possible to use the cable over a large area. Also, it comes with a PVC jacket making the shielding better and thus, delivering efficient performance.


As mentioned earlier, the RG59 cables are good for small scale use. It has a characteristic low-frequency capacity and low bandwidth capacity. Therefore, the cables are easy to afford and are optimised for small scale applications. If you’re planning to setup a CCTV security system in your home or office, then this is the best buy for you. The cable can also be used for wiring in large premises since the 100-meter long wire never fails to be long enough.

The above-mentioned aspects tell us why the Mercon RG59 COAXIAL with Power Cable – 100 mtr is worth purchasing over the other options. The RG59 cable has been in use for a long time and has constantly been optimized for better and efficient performance.

RG59 Coaxial cable