What are different Surveillance Systems?

In the past decades, surveillance systems are mainly used in public places like commercial properties, hospitals, schools etc. nowadays, surveillance cameras are commonly used for residential purpose. This is due to the increase in crime rates and the effectiveness of the surveillance system in normal life.


The advancement of technologies has resulted in the production of a number of the surveillance system. From these models, you have to opt out the best one which can give you the complete protection to you.

You have to consider some factors before buying the surveillance system. Here are the different types of surveillance systems that you can buy for you.

Outdoor Video Surveillance Camera

Outdoor cameras are one of the essential surveillance systems that are not only used for capturing the video of criminals but also to prevent the misbehaviors and unwanted issues in the public.

The outdoor cameras can be used everywhere you want to monitor the area for either personal or public use. Outdoor cameras are most often seen in areas like traffic places, public gatherings, banks, health care centers, airports etc.

The outdoor cameras are designed in such a way to tolerate the weather condition and other environmental factors. The common features of outdoor cameras are night vision, weatherproof, and much more.

Also, the outdoor cameras can cover the wider area as they will be installed in a large area and it can be easily accessible from there.

Indoor Video Camera

Indoor video cameras are smaller than the outdoor cameras as they have to be installed within small regions.  So, the indoor camera doesn’t want to have the weatherproof feature.

But this surveillance system has to cover every small space of the indoor area to capture the videos or images. Similar to the outdoor camera, the indoor camera also has the night vision feature to record the videos during the dark night.

While buying the indoor video surveillance cameras you have to give first preference to the quality of the footage.

Motion detector camera

When a surveillance camera is incorporated with a motion detector is known as the motion detector camera. These camera stays idle until it detects motion on the surveillance area and starts recording the videos when there is any motion or intrusion is there.

Motion detector cameras can store the videos that are recorded in the DVR storage space and it provides additional protection by sending an alert to the user when it detects some motion.

These cameras can be used during both day and night. At night, the motion detector camera uses the infrared light beams to sense the intrusion and they are not visible to the human eye.

PTZ camera

The cameras which are positioned remotely are referred to as the PTZ camera. This PTZ camera has the ability to pan, tilt and zoom when you need to focus on specific objectives.

PTZ camera enables the user to make some variations with the help of programming and also they can be controlled manually. This allows the viewers to view the position clearly with some adjustments.

Hidden Spy Camera

The hidden spy camera is one of the best types of surveillance system which can be installed in a place without knowing to others. These cameras are commonly used in confidential areas like military, government organizations etc.

As these cameras have to be hidden in a place the size of the camera is very small and comes under the wireless types.

High Definition camera

The high definition cameras are specially designed to have HD images and videos from the surveillance area. They are used in casinos and high-risk areas where you want to have the high-resolution output.

These cameras have a fine quality lens for capturing the images so that you can have the clear-cut images.

These cameras can be installed in the place where the burglaries and theft are happening more often. This camera recording helps the investigators to identify the criminals quickly and also it can be provided as evidence.

Cloud camera

The cloud recording cameras are the advanced surveillance system which became like a trend these days. These cloud cameras are useful for the people who want to store a large amount of video recording that is taken for long time.

The videos stored in the cloud can be viewed whenever and wherever you want. You can make use of the cloud camera if you need to have the data for a long time as they will not be lost. When you install this cloud camera in a surveillance place it gives you a guarantee that you will not lose any properties.

Thus, these are the different surveillance systems that are available in the market until now. You can invest in the best surveillance camera that is suitable for you. These cameras will threaten the criminals thereby reducing the crime rate in the society.