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What are the techniques that thief used to save from CCTV camera recording?

In the recent era, the emergence of modern technology has a great impact on the surveillance sector. This led to the development of various surveillance systems that can be used to secure places from threatening.

People make use of the CCTV security system to secure their home from burglars, thieves, intruders, offenders etc. however, criminals are continuing their fraudulent activities like before.

Generally, thieves follow various ideas to break-in a house or private areas. Though there are CCTV cameras in every place thieves are adopting various techniques to save them from CCTV camera recording. Here are the major techniques used by thieves to hide them from CCTV recording.

Gather more Information

Professional thieves have a great plan before entering into a place for robbing the things from there. So, he gathers each and every piece of information about the specific place that is available.

Then they search if there are any security sign inside the home or office. Security signs may be a security guard or any security system. Even if there is any security system they know the techniques and what to do with them to break-in the system.

So you must be aware of providing personal information to the strangers and on any social media. Also, it is better to make use of the hidden camera in the surveillance area.

Vulnerable cameras

Most of the security cameras are made of one wire clipper which can be easily damaged. If you are using a wireless camera a techie thief can break the feed and transmits false signals to jam the Wi-Fi signal.

To avoid this problem you can use the wired security camera with better features. Otherwise, you can set up a private network to keep it safe from hacking or jamming issues.

Cutting the cable

In these days, almost everyone is using the wireless camera. For the past days, thieves used to cut the cable of the camera before entering into a place.

If it is wireless they identify the main point of contact where the camera is mounted. As these cables are not visible you don’t notice any suspicious activity there.

In that situation, there will not be any footage recorded in the camera. But this is a great loss for the owners because it needs more money to replace the cable.

Drop a Block

When there is no chance for implementing any technique the thief will adopt the harsh methods to stop the CCTV recording. He finds out the CCTV camera region, reaches the place which is high above the camera with few stones or weighing material with him.

The thief wisely uses the small object to target the base of the camera. Afterward, the thief will drop the larger material on the camera.

This will cause severe damage to the camera and stop its working. So, the thief can continue his action without any digital evidence.

Blind the CCTV camera

The thief tries to blind the surveillance camera when he wants to enter into a burglary place. Blinding a camera can show your presence and it doesn’t show any identity. In order to blind the CCTV camera, a thief follows some techniques as follows

  1. Using LED

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a lighting device that shines brighter than a flashlight. The thief uses this LED light directly into the camera lens during night time as it works only when the surrounding is dark.

He used to cover up the face with a cloth and block with a light.  This process makes the lens flare and so he will not be visible to the camera in clear.

But if the light beam falls on his face the face will be recorded in the camera. While doing this he works quicker and safer. Also, the thief makes use of the bright light on the body to obscure the face from the camera.

  1. Covering the Camera

Another technique used by the thief to escape from the CCTV recording is covering the camera with a substance.

The thief takes some substances like Vaseline, petroleum jelly, jam or any other viscous material that can stick to the lens of the camera.

Then he applies it on the camera to make the blurry image and so he would not be identified by anyone.

  • Use Tape

Apart from using this viscous substance, you can utilize the tapes like masking tape, duct tape or any opaque material.  With any of these things, the thief covers the entire recording area of the camera.


  • Hide the lens with a fabric

Sometimes, the thief tries to cover the entire camera if he has a possible situation. The thief follows the technique of blocking the view of the recording device with a larger object. So, he will take a piece of furniture, cloth or any other thing in such a way to cover the camera.

Thus, these are the techniques used by the thief to save him from CCTV camera recording. So, be aware of these methods and don’t create any chances for the thieves to do it in your property.