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  • Solid Conductor
  • 305m Pull box Packing


  • CAT6 23AWG CCAG Conductor
  • Unshielded 23AWG Solid lan cables
  • 305M Pull box Packing


  • 100Base-TX
  • 100Base-T
  • 100VG-AnyLAN
  • 1000Base-T(Gigabit Ethernet)
  • 1000Base-TX
  • ATM
  • Noisy Environments
  • Installation temperature:-30℃~+70℃


Technical Data

Rated Temperature                          -20~75℃
Rated Voltage                                  30V

Technical Data
MaterialCCAG(40% Copper)
HDPE Dielectric DiameterΦ1.05±0.05mm
Pairs Color
  • blue/blue&white
  • Orange /Orange &white
  • green/green&white
  • Brown/Brown&white
Rip cordNylon

Why Should You Buy Cat6 UTP Pass Fluke

Cat6 UTP Pass Fluke cable is a versatile cable that helps to carry out various activities with great ease through an impeccable performance. It is an extraordinary network accessory that shall meet many data communication-related requirements. Therefore, it is a must have for all those who frequently deal with network related activities.

Uses of Cat6 UTP Pass Fluke

The Cat6 UTP Pass Fluke cable 80-90 MTS is a multi purpose cable which can be used in many ways for various purposes. It acts as an excellent channel for broadband network communication. It can also be utilized for computer network cabling projects. This cable can be put to use for Digital ISDN network. It excellently supports an Ethernet network as well. It also acts as a 1000Base-T and 100Base-TX cable. Apart from this, it is a reliable source for using as a 155 MBPS and 622 MBPS Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). It serves many other operations pertaining to audio transmission and data transmission too.

Features Of Cat6 UTP Pass Fluke

The Cat6 UTP Pass Fluke cable 80-90 mts has gained prominence in regular usage not only because of its multiple capabilities but also due to its fantastic features. This cable is compatible with different types of patch panels, routers, switches, DSL or cable modems, hubs, and network adapters. It is crafted to possess a snag-less booted design and is made with a flexible stranded conductor to ensure durability. Hence, there will not be the scenarios of unwanted cable snags during installation due to the strain-relief feature. It comprises a 23 AWG CCAG conductor which acts as a solid conductor and is made with solid bare copper. This cable has a HDPE insulation and has a nylon rip cord for shielding. An added advantage that comes along with this cable is that it is available in a wide range of colors to ease network installation and provide color-coding.

For those who are looking for a cable that facilitates a stable transmission of data and is embedded with the high-quality material to ensure long-lasting nature, the Cat6 UTP Pass Fluke cable is the one to look out for.


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