Cctv Camera Installation in Dubai

Hire our service of CCTV camera installation in Dubai When owning a property, whether it’s a house or a business, having a CCTV circuit is a must. Even though our staff is trustable, people are always unpredictable, so having a great surveillance for what’s important to us is necessary.

When we are on vacation or simply outside, a CCTV Camera installation in Dubai could help us prevent any illegal activity around our property. It’s common to believe that it won’t make such a difference but, particularly in Dubai, statistics show that having a CCTV can really enhance the safety of any property.

Of course, there’re different kinds of cameras for different situations, let’s check which ones are available and how they can help to protect your business or home.

Different types of CCTV cameras in Dubai

For your tranquility and safety, we count with a wide range of different CCTV cameras in Dubai that will suit any purpose.

Camstar USA

A known brand that based is South California U.S.A but with offices in China where they manufacture their cameras. The selection of cameras available from this brand includes dome cameras, waterproof IR bullets (ideal for pool sides or gardens with automatic irrigation), Box, mini board and OEM cameras.

What makes Camstar very special and commonly used as a CCTV camera in Dubai is that they are the most affordable option without sacrificing quality. Our selection of Camstar cameras includes 9 different models that will adapt to all your needs. Manually adjustable or dome rotating, you’ll be able to watch any part of your property for a very reasonable price.

This is the ideal brand if you want to go and try how well you do with a CCTV surveillance system.

Hikvision Dubai

The Chinese giant of CCTV cameras in Dubai has come to bring sophisticated products focused on the spectrum and clarity features. While offering dome cameras, bullet cameras, and turret cameras, with Hikvision you’ll get the broader vigilance available.

Must of their cameras are 8 MP which means you’ll see more clearly than with regular CCTV cameras. Also, they feature a unique product, which is their bi-spectrum camera. This amazing product allows seeing both visual images and thermal images. This way you can even surveillance dark places where someone could manage to enter without being seen.

Finally, its dome cameras are vari-focal which means they can move and focus on different points in a lapsus of time; excellent for keeping an eye on big spaces that may have blind spots.


A company that needs no presentation, Samsung CCTV cameras in Dubai are without a doubt among the best quality products available. With a set of top quality devices, what really sets apart Samsung CCTV is the connectivity with other devices.

With Samsung surveillance system you can practically monitor your home or office from anywhere you are; simply connect the camera to your smartphone, smarTV or tablet and you’ll be able to always keep an eye on them.


While being a less known brand universally, UniView is a pioneer when it comes to surveillance systems. Actually, they’re a combination of most of the features presents by the previous brands.

They include the largest catalog of cameras focused on an integral service for the user. While the camera resolution still doesn’t match the 8 MP of Hikvision, this line includes excellent 4 MP cameras that are cutting-edge and really sophisticated.

From UniView you can find absolutely any kind of camera you prefer, including IP cameras, Encoders/Decoders, NVR, domes, etc. and the best part is that they come with storage, client software and app for connectivity. UniView cameras are definitely a wise option for that client that wants it all in one single place.

Advantages of cctv camera installation in Dubai

If you’re still asking yourself whether or not it’s useful to have a CCTV camera system in Dubai, you may want to know these advantages:

Avoiding crime

Criminal activities are impossible to eradicate completely. Whether we want it or not, there’s always the possibility of having an intruder, robber or saboteur in our business and homes. Installing a CCTV circuit generates an alert of danger for those ones trying to exercise any kind of criminal activity surrounding our property.

By simply alerting criminals to the presence of evidence and the possibility of facing the law, the levels of criminality get drastically reduced.

Activity monitoring

There’re some things happening at our property that we want to keep an eye on. Whether is kids or pets playing at the pool or backyard in a residence or whether it is employees behavior, being able to monitor activities from a distance gives peace of mind and allows you to handle other things.

Collect evidence

So, even with the cameras, the robbery or sabotage actually occurred. That’s very unlikely with a CCTV camera system in Dubai but no one can say it’s impossible. So, once it happened, it’s time to go to the law with the lucky advantage of having the evidence right at the storage system of your camera. Get your goods back or get the criminal to the justice is a fairway with a CCTV.

Also, it works for monitoring whether employees or kids are behaving right or if they did take the office materials home or did take that forbidden dessert before dinner!

Disputes and agreements

Sometimes situations get out of control. When that happens, the best thing to do is trying to be fair and objective to solve the problem. Having a record on a camera can help solve these situations much easier as they present the things as they happened.


While many may think they don’t need a CCTV camera in Dubai, the truth is that these systems are very useful and necessary everywhere. As you could see, avoiding robbery is only one of the many uses for a surveillance camera, but the result is always the same: your peace of mind.

So, wait no longer and choose one of our variable products to enjoy your tranquility and keep the security always at its best.

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