Features of Mercon cat6 Patch cord Blue

World is walking towards digitalization now days. In the journey to digitalization computers have been the key element. Computers have given humans various ways gain and the store information and knowledge. With the internet speed and quick machine minds the world has become a global village, just a click away. In the change cables are one of the most important features. Cables have kept the connectivity possible. Mercon Buy CAT6 PATCH CORD BLUE in Dubai is generally used in laptops, desktops or end devices to wallout.

Main features

This is one the best Cables that is available in the market today. With all the following features:

  • Patch Cable
  • RJ- 45 (M)
  • 10 ft
  • UTP
  • CAT 6
  • Molded
  • Stranded – Gigabit
  • Snagless- Networking
  • Ethernet
  • Blue


In various websites various million of people have expressed positive reaction for this cable. It is very useful, long lasting and offers latest technology. Many people across are the world are using this cable regularly for different purpose like internet connectivity, connecting two computer devices with each other. These helps in both transferring of documents and internet connectivity. Mercon cat6 patch cord blue gives you high speed connectivity of internet and document transfer both.


Ultra clarity cables like Mercon cat6 patch cord blue comes with a warranty of 1 year at least.


People who work with computer devices like people from IT sector, computer coaching centers etc Mercon ccat6 patch cord blue is their thing. Cable is very important element for all the people who work or even use computer. And if have to buy one then it’s always better to buy the best one that will sustain for a long time, decreasing you efforts to visit the market after every while and saves your money also. Mercon cat6 patch cord blue is one of the best connectivity cable available in the market. This is the best you get in the market.