All you need to know about MERCON CAT6 PATCH CORD- GREY- 2MTR

A patch cord is an optical cable which is used to connect a device to another for signal routing. The MERCON CAT6 patch cord offers the best combination of transmission performance and physical integrity in the patch cord series. The cords are available in the market at affordable price ranges. These cords help you get the best connectivity through your router or via Ethernet.

Features of MERCON CAT6 Patch Cord-Grey 2MTR

The MERCON Buy CAT6 Patch Cord grey 2mts in Dubai comes with the following features which makes it the best available patch cord in the market-

  • Unshielded twisted pair for strength and durability of these patch cords.
  • UTP Plug 30U patch cord
  • Strain relief boot design for better handling of the product.
  • Speed- 1000 Mbps for faster transmission of data through the cords.
  • 4 pair, 24 AWG
  • Insulated with polycarbonate material for long lasting performance.
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Snag less patch cord designed with the latest technology for easy installation
  • Measures up to a length 2 meters for easy usage of the cords.
  • Available in Gray Color

Electrical and Conduction Properties

  • Rating Temperature- 75⁰C
  • DC Resistance – 9.4 ohms / 100M at room temperature
  • Dielectric strength – AC 0.75kV
  • Withstanding Voltage – 500 V
  • Spark Test – 2 kV / 0.15 sec
  • Conductor Material – Bare Copper
  • Frequency- 250 MHz


The MERCON CAT6 patch cord- GREY- 2MTS is one of the best patch cords for connectivity between two devices. The cords offer high data transfer speed and lets you connect different devices to get the most stable and high speed internet connectivity. The sleek design and strong built structure helps it display its class with strength and durability. They are available in a vibrant gray color for professional looks.  A must have patch cord if you are searching for the best connecting cords for connecting your devices.