Features of Mercon Cat6 Patch Cord – Grey-3 MTS

The electronic devices or optical devices can be connected for the purpose of signal routing using patch cable or patch cord. Patch cords are often available in different colours and are fitted with connectors on both ends. Different colour patch cords are used for various purposes. The grey coloured Patch cords are used for standard Ethernet connection. The Cat6 series patch cords are of robust design and they provide best transmission performance. Cat6 is specifically designed for network applications and for Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Benefits and features

Cat6 Patch Cords provide maximum RL performance irrespective of all patching conditions. They also have superior ruggedness and durability. Mercon Buy Cat6 Patch Cord grey 3mts in Dubai use bonded pair technology and solid conductors. They guarantee superior performance and are of high quality. These cables provide superior performance when compared with previous Cat5 series. They ensure high data transfer rates and these cables can be used to connect two pieces of equipment. These can be used to connect computer to computer, switch to switch and hub to hub. They have booted cables for easy installation purpose. Some of the most important features are snag less cover which ensures elimination of catching during removal of cables. These patch cords have gold plated contacts which ensure superior connection. Low profile boots are of huge benefit as they fit into tightest of tightest patch panels. They reduce the strain with molded strain relief boots. These patch cable have copper stranded conductors for flexibility. These can operate up to 100 metres. The grey coloured patch cords are simply ideal for analog video and high speed Ethernet connections.


The Mercon Cat6 Patch Cords Grey 3 mts are really of superior quality and performance wise have exceeded the expectations. Moreover they provide high speed signal routing which makes them best bet when compared with Cat5 series.