Mercon CAT6 patch cord grey


A patch cord or patch cable is an electrical cable that is used for connecting electrical devices to one another. There are different types of patch cords like XLR connectors, microphone cables, Ethernet cables, just to name a few. They are used in various applications like optical fiber cables, shielded and unshielded CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A cables and in conductor wires. CAT6 stands for Category 6 cables and are widely used in physical networks like Ethernet cables.


Mercon Buy CAT6 patch cord grey in Dubai comes is a solid conductor and has a 30mpull box packing. It is a copper clad aluminum conductor and as copper and aluminum is both good conductors of electricity and hence Mercon CAT6 patch cord is an excellent conductor of electricity. We get two types of wires – shielded and unshielded and based on the customer’s needs they get to choose any one. Mercon CAT6 patch cord is an unshielded wire with a solid Ian cable. These cables or cords work well in the temperature ranges of -30 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius, giving the customers a wide temperature range. These cords are extensively used in ATM’s and also for gigabit Ethernet cables. Other uses of this cables are in 100Base – TX, 100Base-T, 100VG – AnyLAN and 1000Base – TX, just to name a few. Another major advantage of these cables is that they are not affected by noise. So if you were to install these cables in noise environments then there is no loss of signal. These cables are more reliable when compared to all the other cables and also the speed with which the signal travels through these cables is pretty high. So we get faster transmission of signal using CAT6 patch cord.


So if you are looking for a cable that gives you high speed connectivity, good quality and for an affordable price, then Mercon CAT6 patch cord grey should be your first choice. Additionally, the signal is not affected by noise and this is makes sure that the signal does not get lost on the way during transfer.