Things to Note While Buying Mercon Cat6 Premium UTP Cable

The Mercon Buy CAT6 PREMIUM UTP CABLE in Dubai is used to connect different computers and other peripheral devices such as switches, routers, printers in a connected network of LAN (Local Area Network). It is ideal to be used with networks of 10, 100 and 1000 Base-T. The speed of a cable is defined by how fast it allows data to flow through it in a network. The Cat 6 premium UTP Cable provides a fast connection and allows to stream audio, video and other data files effectively.

But every cable is not the same, so while buying a cable, you must make sure of some points which may help you to buy a more effective and reliable cable.


Factors to consider

Cable Category: there are different types of cables differentiated on the basis of their speeds, price, or the work they are ideal for.  Cat6 Cables are appreciated when you need a fast connection. They have a speed of about 10Gbps and supports up to 250Mhz. These cables are extremely professional and can help bring a strong and fast home network.

Cable length: the longer the cable, the weaker the connection. Thus, it is advised to use shorter cables for better connections. For 10Gbps connection, the Cat6 cable must not be longer than 55m. Whereas if you want longer cables, you ca n still use longer Cat6 cables but then the connectivity will decrease.

Cable connectors: the shorter cables have connectors connected to them. Whereas, for longer cables, you need to choose a cable connector. The RJ-45 or 8P8C connectors are the most common connectors for cat6 cables.

Conductor type: there are two types of conductors solid and stranded. The solid conductor has a single wire per conductor whereas, the stranded wire has multiple wires rounded against each other to form a conductor. The solid types are better for connections which are to made inside a wall. Whereas, the stranded ones are more flexible and can be easily used with RJ-45 connectors.



Cat6 Premium UTP Cable are an ideal choice of ethernet cables as they come in different lengths materials and with different connectors. We can modify them as we want. They have a high speed too. But, before buying any cable you must make sure of the above points and chose accordingly.