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  • Coaxial Cable RG59 20AWG Bare copper
  • Solid with Power
  • 300M Wooden Drum Packing
  • 300 mtr


  • RG59 20AWG Solid Bare copper Conductor
  • Unshielded 18AWG Stranded Power Cables
  • 20AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductor For Optimal Signal Transmission
  • 300M Wooden Drum Packing


  • CCTV
  • Video
  • Premise Wiring
  • Security


Technical Data

Rated Temperature                          -20~75℃
Rated Voltage                                  30V

ConductorBC 100% Conductivity
InsulationFoam PE
FPE Dielectric Diameter3.66mm
 Maximum Eccentricity ≤10%
Minimum Resistance10000MΩxKM
Braid Shield16x7x0.12CCA Wire
Jacket Diameter:5.5mm
Power Cable
Jacket Diameter4.9mm
Jacket ColorBlack
MarkingMercon RG59 WITH POWER CABLE 1M-300M
300M/Wooden Drum

Electrical Characteristics
Dielectric Strength (kV/min)1.0
Impedence (±3.0ohms)75.0
SRL (dB,5~2200MHz)>=20
Capacitance (pF/m)53.1
Conductor DCR@ 20ºC (ohms/km)<=31.9
Transmission characteristics
FrequencyAttenuation(MHz) (dB/100m)

Know More About Mercon RG59 Coaxial With Power Cable

There are lots of compelling questions which come to your mind when you purchase Coaxial Cable. Do you prefer Quad shielding? Are you looking for Plenum rated cable? There are various options (both positive and negative) available online. The endless series of options will most probably lead you to end up with a purchase of the wrong type of Coaxial Cable. It also leads you to spend more than your budgeted amount. This intuitive article will provide more insight on the most preferred type of Coaxial cable and to support in your purchase decision.

Mercon RG 59

RG stands for “Radio Guide”. The number that comes thereafter distinguishes a different kind of specifications generally offered for different applications. There are dozens of RG cables available in the market, but Mercon RG59 is one of the most popular and most widely used among them. Some of the notable features of Mercon RG 59 Coaxial With Power Cable includes

  • It has a 300 MM wooden drum packing
  • It is a 20 AWG Solid Bare Copper conductor which is more suitable for Optical Signal Transmission
  • It also comes up with Unshielded 18 AWG power cables.

Factors which induce the purchase of Mercon RG 59

The vital factors compounding to the usage of Mercon RG 59 are as follows

  • Shielding – The more the shielding which is available determines the level of protection. Mercon RG 59 uses copper braid for shielding. It also has dual and quad shielding. This will help your cable to perform better in longer runs.
  • Signal Loss – Signal loss is inevitable for longer lengths. The usage of Mercon RG 59 reduces the signal loss ratio. However, it is recommended to reduce the installation lengths to a minimum.

Benefits of Mercon RG 59

The underlying benefits of Mercon RG 59 are as follows:

  • Mercon RG59 is typically suited for low-frequency signals in the range of 50 MHz.
  • It is a frequent and best choice for CCTV surveillance system, Premise wiring and Security systems used by Enterprises and Individuals.
  • There are still certain varieties of HD TV which run on low frequencies. Mercon RG 59 Coaxial With Power Cable will be the best fit for this.

I hope the above article unearths additional insights to help you make a decision regarding your power cables. Consumers find it easy to purchase with the evolution of online shopping marts. Beware of the negative or fake products under RG 59, and rely on your trusted Mercon RG 59 .


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RG59 COAXIAL with Power Cable

RG59 COAXIAL with Power Cable