Solid Conductor
305m Pull box Packing

  • CAT6 23AWG Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor
  • Unshielded 23AWG Solid lan cables
  • 300M Pull box Packing
  • 100Base-TX
  • 100Base-T
  • 100VG-AnyLAN
  • 1000Base-T(Gigabit Ethernet)
  • 1000Base-TX
  • ATM
  • Noisy Environments
  • Installation temperature:-30℃~+70℃
Technical Data

Rated Temperature                          -20~75℃
Rated Voltage                                  30V

Technical Data

Conductor                       20% Conductivity

Material                            CCA(Copper Clad Aluminum)
AWG                                 23AWG


Features of Mercon Cat6 Economy UTP Cable

As the world has become dependent on computers and the internet the speed of the respected this is also very important. Technology has granted a lot of information and data to mankind and has developed new ways to store them. Cables are one of the most important things to transfer data. And the speed of data transfer is all dependent on the cable and the significance of them.

Important features of cat6 UTP cable

The UTP cable of Mercon is high quality and one of the best ones can get. There are many features of the cable that are mentioned here according to the use. It is one of the most high-speed data communication cables which can be used to transfer the data fast and easily. When the discussion is about the category 6 then there are more twisted wires which reduce the data interceptions and help to reduce single noise and can work faster than any other cables.

The cables of Mercon Buy Cat6 Economy UTP Cable in Dubai are longer and more reliable when compared to others and the speed is also much higher in it. It is considered the best of use when grounded to shield and can get the best speed of it for the use. They are one of the best when considered for buying the cat6 cables in the market.

It is considered mostly for the indoor installation and the best for use as they do don’t cause any harm and is not flammable thus one of the safest to use in the house. Moreover, it also has the excellent attenuation and crosstalk Appearances which make them the best for the use may it be office, house or a company.


Mercon Cat6 Economy UTP Cable is one of the best to use for the data transfer or any other purpose as they have the best speed to offer.