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Access control is a way of limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources.

In computing, access control is a process by which users are granted access and certain privileges to systems, resources or information.

Our access control system is suitable for the entrance and exits of the offices, factory, hotel, school etc.

All input /output are using anti-jamming protection and over –voltage circuit protection.

Our door controller system include Control panel, proximity card readers, Push Button, Electromagnetic lock, Door contact power supply, enclosures, manuals and software if applicable.

Our time and attendance solutions help track and monitor the same from anywhere in the world.

Our enterprise solutions make integrating branch offices with the main office a simple and convenient part of the routine by using VPN, Intranet and Dialup connections.

Track employee time and attendance remotely with up-to-date reports with our optimized inter-operating system for various business management solutions, which is suitable for all types and size of businesses.